KATHRYN New York is a contemporary collection of jewelry inspired by the spirit of New York – a modern, bold, eclectic and ever-evolving story. Just like you. You are unique. And, your story is ever-evolving.

Designed for how women * really * wear jewelry, KATHRYN New York offers you the opportunity to mix and match and express your individuality. Her eclectic pieces allow you to create your own rules – your unique brand of ‘YOU’. Modern, bold and effortless, our accessible jewelry empowers you.

KATHRYN New York is designed to be a wearable reminder that no one is more unique than you. Your story and brand are your own. You are the author and captain of your ever-evolving journey. The freedom to design our own lives is central to designer Kathryn Matz’s creative vision.

The brand’s innovative approach is embodied by simple, yet powerful tenets: to offer exceptional quality jewelry that is price-accessible, modern, and ever-evolving: just like you.

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