Emotions Jewelry Collection

Emotions help us feel every step of life and share a little bit about yourself with others.

We walk this Earth by wearing our emotions on our sleeves. Emotions are what make this life all worth it. They can empower and motivate and allow you to experience the world around you at its full potential. And you can add the power of emotions to your style with the KATHRYN New York Emotions collection, a set of word Jewelry that brings out inner emotions for everyone to witness and take note.

You can shop our collection now to add the perfect emotion you want to convey in your style or offer someone you hold dear the perfect gift that symbolizes your connection. We offer lifetime repairs, free shipping, and a 5-year warranty for every purchase. Perks aside, our mantra jewelry helps you share the uniqueness of you with all in your orbit.

Each piece in the Emotions collection is crafted to bring out a particular part of the human emotion. Whether it’s the pure feeling of love, a touch of hope, a testament of grace, or your power punch to show how incredibly strong and resilient you are, our jewelry can empower you to make the unique statement of you because no one else can.

Word jewelry perfectly blends with your existing style and pieces, allowing you to stack and create, while telling your story. Words inspire us all to change for the better. Words let others know you are strong and resilient. Words coney your uniqueness and your tenacity.

While jewelry cannot alone convey your emotions, it’s how you wear them boldly and unapologetically that creates the emotional stir and standup in others . These are already part of who you are and your essence. Mantra jewelry simply acts as a conduit to allow you to channel your emotions and turn them into loud and proud statements.

We invite you to check our Emotions Collection and other collections and choose the one that speaks to you.