Resilience Jewelry Collection

Never forget how strong and confident you truly are. Share these great qualities with the world with our Resilience Jewelry Collection. Our one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces stand out in any setting and are uniquely designed to represent your enduring strength in each piece.

 These unique jewelry pieces project strength and confidence, thanks to their bold, sharp lines which will never go unnoticed. The pieces in the Resilience Collection can also serve as a personal reminder of your enduring ability to navigate adversity and make your mark on the world.

Life can be hard, but in the hard times, we grow and become even stronger than before. Let these one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces in the Resilience Jewelry Collection remind you of your enduring strength, power and resilience to accomplish whatever you seek and conquer whatever challenges you face. Allow them to remind you to speak, when everyone tells you to stay quiet. Our resilience jewelry simply vessels and channels what you already have; and that’s a beautiful and powerful thing.

 With KATHRYN New York designs, you’re getting a collection unlike what you typically see in this world. Designed by Kathryn herself, each individual piece is meant to bolster your already amazing self, and our focus is to ensure everyone finds the perfect piece to express themselves fully and openly. We also offer lifetime repairs, free shipping, and returns.