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Starstruck Collection
Reach for the stars with the Starstruck Collection by KATHRYN New York. Inspired by the crystal-clear New York skyline, this dreamy collection features moons, stars, and other celestial creations that will elevate any look in an instant.



It’s difficult not to fall in love with the natural beauty of this collection, captured with such uniqueness and creativity. Each piece encapsulates the elegance and mystique of a starry New York skyline. Whether it's petite constellation earrings that represent the starry night sky, a rose gold constellation dome ring that makes you dream of other worldly opportunities, or a necklace that you can keep close to your heart to remind of you the natural beauty that surrounds us all, the dainty Starstruck Jewelry Collection will add a unique and whimsical style to any attire.

Each piece is crafted with great care and expertly designed and is available in .925 sterling silver base, 24k rose or yellow gold vermeil. The cut and placement of the gemstones mimic a gorgeous nighttime star effect.

What truly makes this moon and star jewelry stand-out is the unique design. Kathryn designs each piece herself with exquisite craftsmanship and using only the highest quality materials available. She draws inspiration from nature and tries to translate the beauty of what she sees into luxurious and delicate jewelry that you will love to wear and never take off. Passionate about her craft and dedicated to creating unique jewelry pieces, Kathryn’s most passionate goal is that you find something that uniquely defines you and that you cherish forever.

Whether you want something delicate and dreamy to compliment your outfit or the perfect gift for a loved one, you’re sure to find something uniquely unique from our Starstruck Jewelry Collection.