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Our Story

In channeling the beauty that surrounds us, KATHRYN New York aims to create a life which enables you to look good and live well no matter what you are doing or where you are going---so long as it inspires you.

We support the “get out there and do it” attitude while wearing something of sustainable quality, expressing individuality, and encouraging collectability.

The KATHRYN New York brand advocates for its customers and their singular lifestyles. We want to be there for all the moments and milestones in your life, big to small, and everything in between.

About Kathryn

Kathryn Matz is a passionate, dedicated designer devoted to creating a lifestyle for women that’s attainable, uplifting and refined. By bridging the gap between fashion and fine jewelry, Kathryn creates her pieces to celebrate the “every woman”, feeling we all should have access to a beautiful life, believing each of us has the right to feel confident and exquisitely one-of-a-kind.

Through her twenty years of management consulting and enrichment via global travel experiences, Kathryn felt it was her duty to create pieces that emulate strong women in every culture and walk of life. This calling harkens back to her three core values: Purpose, People and Passion. KATHRYN New York is a company built to create a community in which we all can work to inspire one another and give back wherever possible, while looking at life ahead with zeal and grace.

Our Values

Our Values are more than just words.  It’s how we live our lives both professionally and personally.  Our Values inform everything we do, say and believe. Our Values are our promise to you. 

Purpose. Purpose is “why” we do the things we do, what we’re influenced by, our mindset and what adds meaning to our lives.  We all deserve the opportunity to be a part of something beautiful and we at KATHRYN New York want to help you actualize that path. 

People. You, our dynamo team and our communities are the soul of all that we do.  You inspire us to be and do better every day in every way we can. 

Passion. Passion is what drives us to achieve, succeed and stay the course towards our most desired dreams.  It’s the energy we channel to be something greater than the day before, to craft our paths relentlessly and with unwavering resilience. Your passions are our passions in creating lives we’re all proud to lead.