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Initialize Collection
 There comes a point where many seek to go beyond what market trends say we should wear. Our Initial Collection is designed as a statement piece to allow everyone to express themselves.


Self-expression requires honesty and the strength to dance to the beat of your own drum. But these unique jewelry pieces can motivate and inspire you to look beyond the trends and seek the style that represents your true self. The bracelets, rings, necklaces, pendants, or earrings in our collection strive to become integral parts of your self-expression journey. No matter if you already know your style or want to experiment and build it from the ground up, a personalized piece of jewelry can be key to navigating this journey of style self-expression.

Whether you’re looking for quality personalized jewelry to make a statement for yourself, or a personalized gift for someone close to you, the KATHRYN New York initialize pieces are the ideal choice. Every piece is designed by Kathryn herself with great care and dedication to ensure everyone can find their perfect piece of self-expression and expressed in the highest quality of design and materials. We offer lifetime repairs, free shipping, and returns.

KATHRYN New York designs respect and resonate with what our customers care most about, and everything we do is designed to offer you the very best in terms of quality personalized jewelry. We encourage you to look through our Initialize Collection and start to visualize what the perfect piece of jewelry looks like for your own unique style and character.