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How We Make

Bringing each of our original designs to life is a labor of love. We are constantly inspired by natural beauty and every day objects, whether that’s a wildflower or night sky, a simple square or a screwdriver. We love reimagining objects that are part of every woman’s story.  We constantly strive for highest, enduring quality. We want you to love our pieces as much as we loving making them.

Inspiration to Sketch

As the creative spirit behind our brand, Kathryn is sketch-obsessed. She’s constantly imagining new pieces and drawing her heart out.  Kathryn works with our team to perfect each sketch prior to modeling.

Sketch to Model

Kathryn focuses on every step in the design process. A sketch becomes a computer-aided design (CAD) to perfect design.  A CAD becomes a 3D Model to ensure highest quality, durability and consistency.

Responsible Production

We love our people and we care about the environment as much as you do. That’s why we only employ the most environmentally friendly production processes and ensure our production processes are 100% safe and environmentally friendly. We also responsibly source our materials to ensure minimal impact to our earth.

Quality Assurance

We want your pieces to be everlasting, and that’s why we put so much energy into our production and quality assurance to ensure your pieces are everything that you imagined. You do not pay for repairs within 3 months from the point of purchase. If you are outside this Warranty, we can still repair your piece for a  minor charge. We know that this responsible consumption contributes even more to protecting our environment.