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Our Values are more than just words.  It’s how we live our lives both professionally and personally.  Our Values inform everything we do, say and believe. Our Values are our promise to you. 

 Purpose. Purpose is “why” we do the things we do, what we’re influenced by, our mindset and what adds meaning to our lives.  We all deserve the opportunity to be a part of something beautiful and we at KATHRYN New York want to help you actualize that path.

People. You, our dynamo team and our communities are the soul of all that we do.  You inspire us to be and do better every day in every way we can.

 Passion. Passion is what drives us to achieve, succeed and stay the course towards our most desired dreams.  It’s the energy we channel to be something greater than the day before, to craft our paths relentlessly and with unwavering resilience. Your passions are our passions in creating lives we’re all proud to lead.