Eternity Jewelry Collection

Love is timeless and selfless. Express self love and love for others everyday in every way.

Always and forever, two ideals many of us often aspire to, but we are reminded, time and time again, that some things ultimately pass. Some moments are often too fleeting in this life, and we can spend the rest of our lives longing for them to return, or we can get the perfect memento to capture some of that moment forever.

Even after moments pass us by, we can mark them with something special that can ensure their memory remains alive for eternity. This is the idea behind the Eternity Collection from KATHRYN New York. These unique jewelry pieces are meant to capture the ideals of always and forever and symbolize the happy memory we all wish to cherish.

The heart-shaped jewelry and infinity jewelry all reflect the notion of eternity in many different ways; ensuring that anyone can find the perfect symbolism for their hearts, their minds, their wishes and their style. The heart-shaped jewelry boldly represents the ideas of everlasting love, a powerful emotion whose intensity cannot be lowered because of the passing of time. The infinity jewelry makes a powerful statement of limitless and timeless, proudly proclaiming the moment you wish to capture that will somehow last forever.

The Eternity Jewelry from KATHRYN New York is a canvas waiting to be filled with your story. The earrings, necklaces, rings, and bracelets can each perfectly adapt to your personal style, and help you convey all that you want to say and share. That your love will last forever. That your heart is pure and full of kindness. That your memory will keep a dear moment alive to eternity and beyond. With KATHRYN New York’s Eternity Collection, love and time know no bounds.

Take a look at the pieces in the Eternity Collection on this page, and see which canvas serves as the perfect inspiration to help you write your story.