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The story of KATHRYN New York began with the wish of a unique designer to create an attainable, sustainable style for everywoman, celebrating one’s individuality and sense of beauty. Kathryn Matz is the heart and soul of KATHRYN New York, inspiring both her team and their customers to follow their instinct, release their creativity and sustain ethical, affordable fine jewelry.

Every piece we create is unique, has a collectible value, and adheres to the values of our design house. We thrive when following the wishes and vision our customers present us with and draw inspiration from the all-surrounding beauty of nature and unique objects.

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One of the values we live by, both personally and professionally, is sustainability. This is why our craft uses the methods and techniques with the lowest impact on the environment. We also choose our materials carefully, from the precious metals we mold our affordable fine jewelry from, to the gems and stones that adorn it.

We are dedicated to making everlasting jewelry pieces and we put our heart and soul into quality control and the durability of the final product. For every high-quality jewelry piece we send you, we guarantee lifetime repairs and a 5-yearwarranty.

Show-off your inner beauty and strength with our Resilience jewelry collection. These bold, minimalistic designs will refine your allure and give you the edge you need to conquer the world.

Our Blossom jewelry collection makes for the perfect accessory or gift for mom. Inspired by delicate, perfect flowers, this heartwarming collection is an homage to love and inner beauty and the spring that springs eternally.

Our Zodiac jewelry line is a popular favorite due to its unique designs. Adorned with shiny stones that mirror stars themselves, these Zodiac constellations will remind you of your essence and strengths.

If you want affordable designer jewelry that truly represents you and your values, shop our collection online or reach-out to us for customized designs.