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Forever Pieces, Made Accessible

Forever Pieces, Made Accessible

Jun 21, 2022

Kathryn Matz

 When you think about buying jewelry, there are likely two thoughts that come to mind: The first is about the sheer amount of money you’ll likely be spending on a very good piece, and the second is that if you do go the more affordable route, you’ll probably be sacrificing quality. Ugh, what to do? The thing is, good jewelry doesn’t come cheap, and while we’re all for splurging on yourself, we know that dishing out thousands isn’t feasible for everyone. 

Alas, that’s reason number three for KATHRYN New York’s existence: Making jewelry accessible to all, a mission founder Kathryn Matz has been working toward since founding the brand. “I want to be an alternative to everything that’s out there,” Matz explains about the direction of her eponymous jewelry brand. “We’re not low end, not high end, we’re right in the middle.”

The thing is, there aren’t many brands that fall into this “middle,” a big reason our brand has such a devoted customer base. Because with accessibility at the core of our mission, we’re able to fill a void in an overly saturated market that can get incredibly overwhelming (not to mention costly). Whatever you’re looking for — and whatever your budget, whether that’s $150 or $1000 — you’ll find something at KATHRYN New York. (And rest assured: we don’t have any pieces that are $1000:)) 

We’re here to make shopping for your forever jewelry piece as smooth, stress-free as possible, because we believe everyone should be able to experience the power of accessories (read more about that power here). 

Until next month!