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Kathryn Matz never set out to be a jewelry designer. As a management consultant for two decades, she has traveled the world, fine-tuning her insight and observational skills. Kathryn has always been passionate about enabling women to express their own personal brand while actively pursuing their dreams. She began to think deeply about what inspires women and gives them confidence to be all they can be.

That’s when the dream of KATHRYN New York became a part of her own personal journey.

In KATHRYN New York, she has found her inspiration: a collection of contemporary jewelry that is luxurious, attainable, and an important part of every woman’s personal style. The KATHRYN New York collection is punctuated with exquisitely crafted, one-of-a-kind, iconic statement pieces inspired by the spirit of strong women everywhere.

Kathryn currently resides in New York with her husband Frank and son Sebastian.