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Kathryn Matz is the founder and CEO of KATHRYN New York. Her story illustrates perfectly the opportunity we all have to create our own unique story and personal brand. Kathryn comes into fashion in a completely non-traditional way. She has spent the last 20 years working with corporations of varying size and across industries. She is traditionally trained as an organizational development specialist and has experience working within large corporations as well as consulting to them (think how large companies mobilize and engage large groups of people to achieve strategy ~ that’s Kathryn’s professional training.)
Kathryn has a passion for helping others realize the power of their own stories and personal brands. KATHRYN New York is conceived as a lifestyle brand, currently focused on affordable designer jewelry, but over time paving the way for additional lines that enable you to collect, mix and match, and ultimately tell your own story in your own unique way.
Over the years, Kathryn has honed her leadership and business savvy to now blend this with her own unique sense of style. She wants you to be able to do the same – create your own unique brand of ‘You’ and communicate your unique story. Your story evolves over time, and so will ours.
Kathryn has lived and worked internationally, including the Americas, Europe, and Asia-Pacific. As an “internationalite,” she brings a powerful sense of style, eclecticism and worldliness to her jewelry designs. She wants you to have the opportunity to join her in this journey.
Kathryn currently resides in New York with her husband Frank and son Sebastian.

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