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2020/21 Jewelry Looks

2020/21 Jewelry Looks

Dec 07, 2020

Matthew Allan

As always, year after year, season after season, jewelry styles evolve as fashion, lifestyle and we all progress. 

To keep you in the loop, here are the upcoming trends that we’re seeing now and through to at least the first half of 2021:

• Yellow gold and sterling silver are growing in popularity where rose gold was in the recent past. It’s not to say that rose gold lovers will find themselves left out in the cold, it’s just to say that you’ll see brands showcasing yellow gold and sterling silver with more prominence than rose gold going forward

• Thinner pieces are popping up all over.  They can be big pieces, but the lines are thin. Take a look at our Skyline Wire Cuff for example.

kathryn new york fine jewelry skyline wire cuff yellow gold
• In terms of gemstone colors, white continues to be preferred choice, whether that’s white diamonds or white topaz, white gemstones continue to take center stage. We’re also seeing unique colors like London Blue Topaz and Green Amethyst gaining a lot of momentum.  
Have a peek at these Blossom Gentile Large Gemstone Hoops and explore the various semiprecious gemstones we have in store.
kathryn new york blossom gemstone hoops earrings

As a bonus tip, know that Gray Spinel is about to launch big in jewelry. Gray is a favorite backdrop for interior designers, fashion stylists and many more people in the know.
At KATHRYN New York, we've been ahead of this trend for some time now, and you'll see more Gray Spinel in our pieces in 2021.


 kathryn new york real fine jewelry


Other emerging trends that we’re seeing is that Demi-Fine Jewelry is finally getting the praise it deserves and a more prominent position in jewelry. Previously unknown, consumers are now more and more informed as to the prices they’re willing to pay for quality. Demi-Fine Jewelry sits in the middle of Fashion and Fine Jewelry and is making a big name for itself. Demi-Fine Jewelry with its precious metals, semi precious gemstones and middle of the range price point is becoming the new favorite, not just for your wallet, but also the environment. (We’re not mining precious parts of the Earth for precious gemstones, because we don’t need to.  The same colors and clarity exist in semi precious gemstones at a quarter of the price of precious gemstones and without significant environmental impact.)

There aren’t many designers operating in the Demi-Fine Jewelry space, but KATHRYN New York is one of the leaders. Take a look around our website, explore our collections and see for yourself how elegant and simply gorgeous Demi-Fine Jewelry is.