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What is Demi-Fine Jewelry?

Dec 01, 2020

Matthew Allan

Jewelry runs a broad spectrum from fashion to demi-fine to fine jewelry. Fashion jewelry is the least expensive, with fine jewelry being the most expensive. There are pluses and minuses with both fashion and fine jewelry: fashion jewelry tends to lack durability, breaks or dents easily, and tarnishes, since it’s not made with precious metals, like sterling silver, gold or platinum.  Fine jewelry is great, if you can afford it, but not everyone can.

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Demi-Fine jewelry has the look, feel, quality and durability of fine jewelry, however the price tag is attainable for most. Demi-Jewelry is perfect for everyday and collectible pieces.


What is Demi-Fine Jewelry Made Of?


Demi-Fine Jewelry is made of precious metals, such as sterling silver. Sterling silver can be “vermeilled” with high, durable coats of bonded high karat yellow or rose gold. Again, it looks just like a fine white, yellow or rose gold piece, with the same durability, but has an affordable price.


In addition, instead of using diamonds and other precious gemstones, Demi-Jewelry design leverages the same quality, look and feel of precious gemstones by using semi-precious gemstones, such as white or blue topaz.

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What are the Benefits of Demi-Jewelry?


Demi-Fine Jewelry is, first and foremost, high in quality, design and durability. Its price point allows you to collect more pieces to create that custom look you seek, including stacking with more pieces, buying statement pieces for special occasions or evenings out; all because it’s so much more attainable.


Demi-Fine Jewelry also allows you to gift the important people in your life, without feeling that you can’t.


No one can tell the difference between Demi-Jewelry and Fine-Jewelry, but your wallet will.


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What About Design and Manufacturing Techniques?


The design and manufacturing techniques used to make Demi-Fine Jewelry and Fine Jewelry are exactly the same. Yep, no difference at all. In fact, the quality control and assurance methods are the same too. This, however, cannot be said of Fashion Jewelry, which is another reason why Fashion jewelry lacks durability and needs to be replaced so often. What we think we’re “saving” by buying Fashion Jewelry is often lost on the fact that we have to replace it so frequently.


Demi-Fine Jewelry will last a lifetime and more and you’ll look and feel great endlessly because you know you’re wearing quality.


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What About Sustainability?


Demi-Fine Jewelry is also considered more environmentally friendly, since we do not need to mine for precious gemstones. All of the natural gemstones you’ll find at KATHRYN New York are ethically sourced to ensure minimal environmental impact and only the highest quality.

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